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#36456 Backups first day of the month is deleted even protection is on

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sorry for asking again. I'm using Akeeba on many Wordpress sites. There I do on some sites daily, on other sites weekly backups. But on all sites the backups from the first day of the month should not deleted.

This works on most of the sites perfect. But now I found some sites where it does not work. The backups from the 1st of each month are deleted. I tried to compare sites where it is working and sites where it is not working, but all are using the same settings.

Attached you'll find a screenshot of the quota settings and the logfile where a backup from the 1st of the month is deleted.


Akeeba Staff

First of all, set the Obsolete Records To Keep back to 50. Remotely stored archives are considered obsolete records (there is no locally stored backup), so you end up removing the database information the maximum backup age quotas works on.

As a rule of thumb, this should be the setting of “Maximum backup age, in days” plus the number of first of the month backups you want to keep. If you keep the last 31 days and you want to keep the first of the month backups for 2 years you need 31 + 24 = 55 obsolete records to keep.

The next thing to consider is that the maximum backup age works on the GMT date and time of the backups. I see that your backups have a time stamp of 00:01:00 to 00:01:02. Since I do not know the output file naming I can't tell for certain if that's GMT time or local (German) time. Moving the backup time by one hour so it starts at 1 am would probably work better for you.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Thanks Nicholas for this great explanation. Now I understand my mistake and can correct it.

Bthw. Akeeba is in my opinion the most configurable and flexible Backup Solution for Wordpress and I wonder why in blogs most time other backup tools are recommended. I tested nearly all big Wordpress backup solutions, but none of them has the power of your solution.

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