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Latest post by [email protected] on Tuesday, 13 December 2022 16:55 CST

[email protected]

Trying to setup an upload to a folder within a bucket for Amazon S3 in the configuration section but no configuration seems to work.

bucket - works fine

bucket/folder - fails (or any derivative of this, eg. bucket/folder/ /bucket/folder /bucket/folder/ bucket / folder)


can you please advise if this is possible, if so, what is the syntax

Akeeba Staff

There are two separate fields for the bucket and the directory.

The Bucket field is always just the bucket's name. Nothing before or after it.

The Directory field, two lines below, is where you put the folder name. Please remember that “folder” is a post-Windows 95 Microsoft-specific term. Everyone else has been calling them (since the 70s!), is still calling them, and will be most likely be calling them “directories”. 

In your example you'd need:

  • Bucket: bucket
  • Directory: folder

There should be no leading or trailing slash in the Directory — if you include either or both, though, they are handled gracefully because we expect this to happen.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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[email protected]

I could argue on technical terms, but shall refrain :)

That worked, thanks :)

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