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#33006 create profile from commandline

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Is there a way to create a profile from the command line?

If not, I'm thinking about writing a script to produce an importable .json profile. If I do that can it imported by command line? The profiles are saved in the database, correct?

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We have not implemented CLI profile control for Solo. It's not impossible, there is just no use case and documenting each option places a massive burden on me (I'd have to document literally every single option twice, once for the GUI and once for CLI access).

The information is saved in the database, yes, but be advised that it's very likely encrypted unless you explicitly turned that option off. Shoving unencrypted data in the database is unlikely to work; I'd have to check the code to be sure but off the top of my head I believe that it'll refuse to read it. Of course if you turn off settings encryption this point is moot and your DB import would work fine.

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