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#36018 Fetch Email Plug In - issues with UTF8 characters and depending on the sender client

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Unfortunately, another very strange behaviour.

UTF8 characters in the subject of e-mails are always displayed incorrectly in the ticket after import.

UTF8 characters in the mail body are removed when I send the e-mail via Microsoft Outlook. No matter whether in text or HTML format.

Emails sent via the web clients roundcube or gmail are imported absolutely correctly (the body, not the subject).

All mails sent via the Horde web client, absolutely nothing is imported! No matter if html or text format, no matter if UTF8 characters are included or not.

Are these effects only with me?
Do you have any idea what could be wrong with my configuration?


Akeeba Staff

It all has to do with whether the mail client encodes the subject and body correctly.

Outlook does not encode UTF-8 in subjects correctly. I have not found a library in PHP which can parse its gibberish correctly.

Horde does not encode the body correctly. It encodes it as inline HTML attachments. Remember your previous ticket about uploads? HTML files are forbidden as uploads, therefore the attachment that holds the body is never uploaded. This is also why many Linux mail clients will display emails sent by Horde as blank emails with a bunch of attachments which don't open correctly. Trying to solve that breaks regular attachments so you're outta luck there.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Not nice, but I guess it can't be helped. Thank you for your expertise.

I have further problems for which I haven't created a ticket yet. But I'll spare us this, as it seems to be about security-realted cleanups as well. Because some HTML fragments that I included in the sending instance are also eliminated during the fetch email process.

Tanks a lot, regards,


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