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#36075 NOT URGENT-Feature Request Considerations

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 Hello again!

I am writing to provide some feedback and make some feature requests for consideration. I understand that there are many considerations before features are added to a product roadmap. 


Feature 1: Custom Field Type-URL

It would be helpful in our use case, to have a custom field added to some category of tickets with a URL. Currently, if a text field is used with a URL it does not show a hyperlink in the ticket form. (See attachement)


Feature 2: Custom Field Type-Text Separator block

It would be helpful to have the ability to add a Custom Field type of "Text Separator" to the "New Ticket" or "New Post" forms.

This would allow us to remove instructions or explanations from the message block. This text confuses some users and also would allow us to create a way to differentiate the field types.


Thank you for your consideration!

Eric Johnson



Akeeba Staff

We have frozen the development of Akeeba Ticket System 4 for Joomla 3. We are currently most of the way ready with Akeeba Ticket System 5 for Joomla 4.

One of the major changes we have implemented in ATS5 is the removal of our own implementation of custom fields and the integration of Joomla custom fields. Do note that our custom fields predated Joomla's custom fields by several years, it's not like we had decided to reinvent the wheel.

This means that you will be able to use any kind of custom field available to Joomla, core or third party. The URL field does exist as a core Joomla field, for example. Instead of a clumsy separator you will be able to define field groups, each one with a label and optional description. The new ticket and edit ticket forms will display the field group labels and descriptions. In fact, each field group appears in its own visual zone, by default with an all–around border, making it clearer which fields are encompassed in the group. This will make longer, more complex forms easier to handle.

As for migration from the old versions of Akeeba Ticket System we do have a plan: if there's a custom field with the same name (alias) as the old ATS 4–era custom fields its value will be kept intact. This reduces the migration burden to creating fields under the same names as the ones you were using before and field groups to contain them in a way that makes sense for your use case. As luck would have it, my development to–do list for today is implementing this migration :)

So, both of the features you are asking for are something we have already implemented in ATS 5 by virtue of using Joomla custom fields instead of our own implementation.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Please keep in mind my timezone and cultural differences when reading my replies. Thank you!



Thank you for taking time to respond. This is great news and reaffirms our decision to use ATS!

I have started our migration strategy and have begun migrating a copy of our live site in a development environment. If you need beta testers, I would be happy to assist in any testing of migration from J3 to J4. 

Thanks again for your support!

Eric Johnson

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