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#36739 Wrong URL to ticket in email

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I created menu item "Info / Helpdesk" as type "Categories" (ATS).
I created menu item "User / My tickets" as type "My tickets" (ATS).

If user creates new ticket from menu item type "Categories" - emails to creator and manager contain the same correct [URL] to the ticket, eg.:

If user creates new ticket from menu item type "My tickets" - emails to creator and manager contain the same [URL] to the ticket, eg.:
This URL is valid for the logged in ticket creator, but is invalid for tickets manager (message: "Sorry, you have not posted any support tickets yet").

Akeeba Staff

Unfortunately this cannot be fixed, that's how Joomla's URL routing works. The code to get the post URL used for the [URL] variable is this:

// Get a link to the new post
$postURL = Route::link('site', 'index.php?option=com_ats&view=ticket&id=' . $ticket->ats_ticket_id, false, Route::TLS_IGNORE, true);
$postURL .= '#p' . $post->ats_post_id;

We only give it the ticket ID. Joomla tried to figure out which menu item ID to use as the base of that link. The current item ID (My Tickets) is used therefore you get a route which is valid for the current user but invalid for anyone else. Forcing the Item ID to 0 creates a URL which is unroutable for everyone in Joomla 4 and has other problems in Joomla 3 (no modules are displayed).

There's really nothing you can do about that other than following our documentation instructions.

Create a Hidden menu.

Create a top level menu item under the Hidden menu Ticket System with type ATS Categories.

Create a menu item under Ticket System with type ATS My Tickets. Its ID must be HIGHER THAN the top level Ticket System menu item — this is important. All menu items for ATS must have a higher Item ID than the one of the ATS Categories type for the router to work.

In the Info menu item, the Helpdesk menu item is set as an Alias menu type, pointing to Hidden / Ticket System.

In the User menu item, the My Tickets menu item is set as an Alias menu type, pointing to Hidden / Ticket System / My Tickets.

You may still have a routing issue. Unfortunately, there's not much else we can do on Joomla 3. This is better addressed in Joomla 4 thanks to the new router included in the new version of Joomla (the item ID hell being one of the main reasons a new router was released for Joomla 4, after 12 years of being in the making...).

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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