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Latest post by nicholas on Monday, 21 August 2023 01:12 CDT


Hi, I recently purchased Akeeba Ticket System. I have read the documentation, but can not find a way to disable public tickets. All tickets will be by clients assigning tasks about their websites (I am a web developer), so there is no reason for the tickets to be public. I need to have default private and no other option. Is that possible?

Also I noticed that even if I have added 3 megabytes maximum size for attachments, when i press the button on the form, it shows 32 megabytes (as I have in php.ini). Do I have to do something more?

Thank you in advance

Akeeba Staff

To effectively disable public tickets give your clients the ability to create private tickets. Then, go to the category which needs to only have private tickets and change its tickets options. By setting auto-select private to yes and only allow to private you have created a private-ticket-only category.

Regarding the attachments size, something is wrong with Joomla there but I am not sure what. It appears to randomly "lose" the upload options even though we're following its documented examples of how to do it. If I find out what is going on I will of course fix it.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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