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#39492 Centralizing ATS ticket submissions to a single site from external sites.

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Latest post by Malkio on Tuesday, 19 September 2023 12:35 CDT


Story: "I want to be able to use ATS (Akeeba Ticketing System) on multiple sites but run only one core instance to manage tickets. The ideal configuration should enable us to have a single version of ATS to receive and manage tickets. In this scenario, when a client is logged into their site, they should be able to submit a ticket, and it should be submitted to our main site. I have an open ticket about using Convert Forms to submit tickets to ATS, and I'm also considering if that concept can be part of this solution. I did consider the email to ticket option but that comes with too many limitations and this workflow would undoubtedly continue to use custom fields, canned replies and so on. I'm interested in your expertise to achieve this."

Problem statement: The goal is to set up ATS in a way that allows multiple client sites to submit tickets to a single core instance of ATS, streamlining ticket management and providing a seamless experience for clients.

Desired behavior: Configure ATS and potentially integrate it with Convert Forms or other solutions to enable client sites to submit tickets to the central ATS instance, ensuring efficient ticket management.

Akeeba Staff

This is really not possible, nor is it something that is going to happen in the future. The crux of the problem is user management. This is also why no other extension, self-hosted application, or SaaS offers anything even remotely close to this, but you're welcome to look around and find something you think might work.

Based on our experience, what you want is impossible and hits a brick wall very soon. Each site has its own users (therefore user IDs, which is what the tickets use to determine who submitted them and who is answering to them), user groups (therefore user group IDs which control permissions, including whether a user can submit a ticket in a category and/or view tickets in that category), and view access levels (therefore access level IDs which further controls whether users can view tickets in a category).

You want to make it so that when one user is logged into site A ("their" site) to also be logged into site M ("main" site). Not only would you need a Single Sign-On solution across all these sites, you'd also need to somehow translate all the user, user group, and access level IDs across all sites and not have duplicate usernames across all sites.

There are easier ways to drive yourself nuts.

The best thing you can do is what everyone does (for a very darned good reason): have a dedicated site as your helpdesk, and have user accounts just for the helpdesk. If that's not something you're interested in, I believe you might be in need of a CRM software, not a helpdesk.

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