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#39838 User Group is inheriting "Support Staff" privileges from unknown parent

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Latest post by nicholas on Friday, 17 November 2023 01:45 CST

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Hello again!

I have discovered an odd situation and wanted to understand if I have a configuration error or there is some sort of behavior with ATS that is causing this issue.

Group: Content Creators

Parent: Registered > Role Admins

Purpose: This group is used to allow designated users the ability to create, edit, publish Joomla articles, primarily from the front end

Group permission configuration: I have "Allow" for all of the permissions for Joomla articles


I am not sure if the above is relevant, I am providing this information for background.


The issue I have found is that this group is showing inherited "Support Staff" at the ATS component level. This in turn is making any member of content creators a "Support Staff" for any of our ATS ticket categories.

I have created a short screen recording that is showing the permissions for Content Creators and it's parent group "Role Admins". As you can see "Content Creators" are inheriting "Support Staff" permissions at the component level, however, the parent group "Role Admins" does not have this permission. 

Another observation is that this behavior was not previously present and may be the result of a recent update to Joomla or ATS.

Where is Content Creators inheriting this permission from? 


Thanks in advance for any support you can provide.



Akeeba Staff

I would recommend using ACL Manager for troubleshooting ACL issues. If you get truly stuck with a Joomla! ACL issue – in other words, if using ACL Manager does not help you figure out the problem you have – you can ask their support. They have been helping clients understand ACL issues for over a decade, especially Sander who started that software back in the Joomla! 1.6 days.

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