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#27717 UNiTE extraction via FTP

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I may be trying to use the software in a manner it which it is not intended. 

First question is can I use this tool in the following manner?

Box A: Contains our live site
Box B: Contains a copy of the Live site form Box A
Box C: Is the runner for our gitlab server that I want to do the backup and restore from.

To this point I have UNITE installed on Box C. In the inbox folder I have created an xml file called snapshot_production.xml. This file contains <remote>, <siteInfo> and <databaseInfo> groups. When I run the restore site script, the following happens.

A remote backup is made on Box A (live site), then downloaded and written to Box C: inbox folder. So this part works fine. Here are the last few lines of the log file:

20170510|15:13:01|Finished backing up the remote site
20170510|15:13:01|Downloading backup with curl method
20170510|15:13:14|Archive downloaded successfully
20170510|15:13:14|Downloaded file is inbox/site-
20170510|15:13:15|Running s3
20170510|15:13:15|Running stealth
20170510|15:13:15|New FTP object
20170510|15:13:15|Changing to initial directory (FTP)
20170510|15:13:15|Writing a stealth .htaccess (FTP)
20170510|15:13:15|Running extract
20170510|15:13:15|Extractor tick
20170510|15:13:15|Extraction of package inbox/site- has failed.

I want to extract the archive and install it on Box B (My development server) Will UNITE do this? In the <siteInfo> section I have included <ftphost>, <ftpuser>, <ftppass> and <ftpdir> tags with correct information.

The .htaccess file is written to the Box B (dev web server), web document folder. But then it looks like the .JPA extraction is not happening.

Additional info that may be helpful. The UNITE config points to tmp (tmp exists in the unite installation folder). There is nothing in the folder. I would think that the archive would be extracted there before trying to FTP to Box B (dev server).

Can you help me?


I should also point out that I was running Joomla 2.5.27 and Akeeba Backup Core v4.1.2

I have upgraded Akeeba Backup Core to version 4.7.4 (The newest version I can run with PHP 5.3.10

I read in the docs that all backups have to be made with Akeeba 4.6 or later.

Going to try it again. Will report back.


Installing UNITE on the target webserver using FTP does not work, but PHP file copy does.


Akeeba Staff

I'm sorry but you can restore the site only on the server that is currently running UNiTE.

Davide Tampellini

Developer and Support Staff

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Please keep in mind my timezone and cultural differences when reading my replies. Thank you!

Thank you. I was worried that I was using it in the wrong manner. Thank you for your reply. I will add that the product does work well run from the server the site is being restored to.

Thanks for the follow-up.


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