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#30096 Is there a way to use the ExtractWizard on command line on a windws system?

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Is there a way to use the ExtractWizard on command line on a windws system? I use the pro version on some sites and some of my customers use the WP version as well. I wrote a FTP Auto Downloader für the stuff to bring this to my NAS every evening and i would like to integrate the ExtractWizard on command line to check that the download is valid.

Is that possible?


Akeeba Staff
The installation package includes two tools, Akeeba eXtract Wizard and Extract CLI. See

You may need to add the installation folder to your path. The installation folder is detailed in

Then you can run Extract CLI with:

extractCLI c:\path\to\archive.jpa c:\path\to\extract\into [-p JpsPassword] [--test]

The things in brackets are optional parameters. Since you only want to test the archive you could do

extractCLI c:\path\to\archive.jpa %temp% --test

or if you have a JPS file

extractCLI c:\path\to\archive.jps %temp% -p YourJPSPassword --test

The %temp% is a Windows shorthand which always points to the Windows temp folder. We are using it as our extraction target because the tool requires an extraction target folder even if nothing is extracted.

The --test option makes sure that nothing is, in fact, extracted to disk. extractCLI will go through the entire process of reading the file, decompressing the files etc but the extracted data will be discarded. Moreover, if the extraction fails it will return the command line error level to 250.

Yes, my use case writing this tool was similar to yours. I wanted to make sure that the archives I am generating with the backup engine can be extracted by both Kickstart and eXtract Wizard. So I wrote CLI interfaces to both which allowed me to automate my tests.

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