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#30592 UNiTE not completing?

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This is my first attempt at using UNiTE, so perhaps I am doing something wrong. I do not find any similar tickets.

I have a Joomla! site (version 3.9.0) which was backed up with Akeeba Backup 6.3.0. I want to restore this site to a different folder and database on the same server. When I execute UNiTE, everything appears to go well. Here's my slightly edited console output:


Akeeba UNiTE 4.0.1 (2018-03-15)
Copyright ©2008-2018 Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos / Akeeba Ltd.
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is Free Software and you
are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. Use command license
for details.
Parsing /path/to/unite_config.xml
### Starting job #0 ###
Running validator
Running remote
Running s3
Running stealth
Renaming existing .htaccess (direct access)
Writing a stealth .htaccess (direct access)
Running extract
Extractor tick
Extractor tick
Running angie
Checking ANGIE support
Setting up ANGIE framework
Removing existing ANGIE password protection
Creating a random ANGIE password
Removing all existing ANGIE sessions
Detected angie platform: Joomla
Executing step `Startover`
Executing step `Getversion`
Executing step `Getconfig`
Executing step `Dbrestore`
Restoring site database
2.70% done (268.22 KB of 9.68 MB)
6.20% done (616.35 KB of 9.68 MB)
11.30% done (1.1 MB of 9.68 MB)
11.50% done (1.12 MB of 9.68 MB)
21.40% done (2.07 MB of 9.68 MB)
74.10% done (7.17 MB of 9.68 MB)
99.90% done (9.67 MB of 9.68 MB)
100.00% done (9.68 MB of 9.68 MB)
Executing step `Offsitedirs`
PHP Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements C ountable in phar:///usr/local/bin/unite.phar/Engine/Step/Angie/Offsitedirs.php o n line 37
Executing step `Joomla\Setup`
The Super User email address is empty
### Finished job #0 ###

UNITE finished its run cycle
Total definitions found : 1
Total definitions executed successfuly : 0
Total definitions failed to run : 1
Peak memory consumption : 5.47 MB


After this is done I can see that all of my website files have been copied over, and that my database tables have been copied with the new prefix. My webroot folder still contains the "stealth" .htaccess file with my original .htaccess file renamed to htaccess.bak. If I manually restore my original .htaccess file so that I can visit the site, I see a web page prompting me for an ANGIE restoration password. It's as if the UNiTE script didn't complete, but I don't see any errors or the output or log.

Here is the log:

<?php die(); // Protect from prying eyes! ?>20181126|11:16:03|Running remote
20181126|11:16:03|Running s3
20181126|11:16:03|Running stealth
20181126|11:16:03|Renaming existing .htaccess (direct access)
20181126|11:16:03|Writing a stealth .htaccess (direct access)
20181126|11:16:03|Running extract
20181126|11:16:03|Extractor tick
20181126|11:16:14|Extractor tick
20181126|11:16:14|Running angie
20181126|11:16:14|Checking ANGIE support
20181126|11:16:14|Setting up ANGIE framework
20181126|11:16:14|Removing existing ANGIE password protection
20181126|11:16:14|Creating a random ANGIE password
20181126|11:16:14|Removing all existing ANGIE sessions
20181126|11:16:14|Detected angie platform: Joomla
20181126|11:16:14|Executing step `Startover`
20181126|11:16:14|Executing step `Getversion`
20181126|11:16:14|Executing step `Getconfig`
20181126|11:16:14|Executing step `Dbrestore`
20181126|11:16:14|Restoring site database
20181126|11:16:18|2.70% done (268.22 KB of 9.68 MB)
20181126|11:16:22|6.20% done (616.35 KB of 9.68 MB)
20181126|11:16:26|11.30% done (1.1 MB of 9.68 MB)
20181126|11:16:29|11.50% done (1.12 MB of 9.68 MB)
20181126|11:16:33|21.40% done (2.07 MB of 9.68 MB)
20181126|11:16:37|74.10% done (7.17 MB of 9.68 MB)
20181126|11:16:41|99.90% done (9.67 MB of 9.68 MB)
20181126|11:16:43|100.00% done (9.68 MB of 9.68 MB)
20181126|11:16:43|Executing step `Offsitedirs`
20181126|11:16:43|Executing step `Joomla\Setup`
20181126|11:16:43|The Super User email address is empty

I see that the line reading, "The Super User email address is empty", was a fatal error. UNiTE was able to complete after I corrected this.

Akeeba Staff
That's correct. Since UNiTE is trying to modify your Super User it cannot proceed with an empty email address; Joomla won't let us set the email address to blank in any user account.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

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