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Latest post by trevorsm on Tuesday, 14 January 2014 06:01 CST

 Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but there is no way of posting a new message in the Akeeba Subs forum.

I run a VPS and I am thinking of using Akeeba Subs to manage renewal fees for hosting and domain registration renewals. Is it posible for a subscriber to subscribe to the same level 2 or more times. For example the levels might be Hosting annually, hosting monthly, .com domain, .eu domain, domain etc. A customer might own several domains and the renewal dates might be different. Can the subscriptions to the same level be separated? From what I can see from the docs the subscriptions would be amalgamated and run consecutively.

Can this be done?


Akeeba Staff
Hello Trevor,

That's a pre-sales request so it's OK to put it here :)

Regarding your question, no, you can't buy the same subscription multiple times and have it run in parallel. Akeeba Subscriptions is intended as a simple subscriptions manager. As such it doesn't know what is a new subscription and what is a renewal. For all it knows it's the same thing. This makes it easier to handle renewals and upgrades, with all sorts of business policy tools, but it makes it completely unsuitable for use cases that need several parallel subscriptions on the same subscription level. I'm afraid you will have to look for a different solution. Your needs are fundamentally incompatible with the way Akeeba Subscriptions works.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

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OK, thanks Nicholas.

I might have another use for it soon for managing annual membership fees to a sports club. What subscription do I need to use it? Currently I am subscribed to Admin Tools and Akkeba Backup?


Ahh - just read the docs and found the answer. . .

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Thanks again

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