#22439 Comparison for BackupWP, SoloPHP, AkeebaBackup?

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Latest post by nicholas on Friday, 10 April 2015 01:25 CDT

Hi Nicolas

I'm getting little confused between the abilities of SoloPHP versus the backup software for Wordpress and Joomla.

Is AkeebaBackup (Joomla) essentially in SoloPHP, and the same for BackupWP (Wordpress)?

What I mean is SoloPHP now a combination of the other two with the extra ability to do general PHP backups?

Or do I get a better more streamlined WP or J! experience by using the specific WP or J! versions?

So if I have Joomla, Wordpress and some other php based type sites such as Magento, is it ultimately best to have all three or can I get away with Solo (but maybe with some features missing or limitations)?

Either way, is there a comparison chart somewhere that lists all the benefits and limitations of each somewhere? It would be nice to see what all the features are against each other.

Lastly, do you plan one day to have something like AdminTools for WP and other php/general server security?

Akeeba Staff
All three backup software use the same backup engine and embed the exact same installers in the backup archives. The only difference between them is the integration with a CMS.

Akeeba Backup for Joomla! is shipped as a Joomla! component and integrates with Joomla!. Therefore it can only be used to backup Joomla! sites.

Akeeba Backup for WordPress is shipped as a WordPress plugin and integrates with WordPress. Therefore it can only be used to backup WordPress sites.

Akeeba Solo is a standalone PHP application. It is installed on its own right, parallel to the CMS / script you want to back up. Since it's not constrained by an integration it can backup anything.

So, what is the major difference? Akeeba Backup requires you to log in to your CMS (Joomla!, WordPress) to use it and can only be used to backup that specific CMS. Akeeba Solo requires you to log in to Akeeba Solo and can be used to backup anything. If you expect your clients to use the backup themselves the Akeeba Backup solutions are easier to teach (they don't have to remember yet another login). If you don't want your clients to use the backup themselves (because they will most likely screw it up) then Akeeba Solo is what you're looking for.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

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