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Invoice: 25230
Date: 22/4/2015
Amount: 40 euros

I purchased Akeeba backup for Wordpress yesterday, in hopes that it would help me restore my Akeeba backup on my website.

After purchase, I received the confirmation from you. I then spent 3 hours trying to figure out how to install Akeeba Pro and then restore my backup. It was so frustrating. Your documentation is terrible and did nothing to help me.

After finally figuring out how to manually install it into my Wordpress site, and finally figuring out how to activate the product, I then attempted to restore my website.

It was unsuccessful. I tried 5 times. Each time I tried restoring, I got error messages.

Therefore, I would like a refund for my 40 euros.

If I do not receive a refund within 2 business days, I will call my credit card company and have them reverse the charge.

Thank you,
David Romankow

Akeeba Staff
Dear David,

You didn't have to "figure out" how to manually install the software. It's clearly documented, not to mention that it's the standard way to install WordPress plugins which are not available on the WordPress Plugin Directory per WordPress' own official documentation. On top of that, we have a the video tutorial as well. I am not sure which documentation you claim to have read and found terrible, but it doesn't sound like ours.

Furthermore you don't need to "figure out" how to "activate" the product since there is no such thing as activation. If you're referring to the standard WordPress method of going to the Plugins page to activate plugins this is a standard WordPress management procedure which is NOT specific to our product. If you are talking about the optional Download ID, required only for obtaining one-click updates through Akeeba Backup Professional for WordPress instead of installing them manually, the software itself points you to the relevant help page with extremely detailed instructions. Again, I'm not sure why you got confused.

If you are not experienced in managing your WordPress site you have multiple alternatives to remedy this:
  • Request our support. It's part of the service you paid for.
  • Read our documentation and actually do follow its instructions. The documentation steps have been verified by three people including yours truly (a developer) and a UX expert.
  • Read the WordPress documentation for in depth explanation of the common WordPress administration procedures. You can get there easily with Google. I just googled "wordpress install plugin" to get the link to the WordPress documentation page I linked to above.
  • Hire someone to do that for you.

Regarding your refund request please allow me to remind you that when you subscribed you did agree without reservation –as indicated by consciously selecting the relevant checkbox before being able to pay– to our Terms of Service and Refund Policy. Per the Refund Policy you explicitly agreed to you are ineligible for a refund once you download the software.

We are willing to help you restore your site. Why don't you tell us what is the exact error message you have received and we'll provide you with prompt assistance. I have a suspicion on what it could be –a simple hosting configuration issue– but I'd rather give accurate instructions against an exact error message instead of reading the tea leaves. Just let us help you.

Unfortunately, I have to reply to this sad part of your request as well:
If I do not receive a refund within 2 business days, I will call my credit card company and have them reverse the charge.

You have consciously and explicitly accepted the Terms of Service, therefore they have the power of a signed contract. Please allow me to clarify that should you request a chargeback in breach of these agreed Terms of Service we will be obliged to file a fraud report against you with your credit card company.

So, can you PLEASE let us know what is the exact error message you received so that we can help you? Thank you.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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