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I tried to renew my subscription using the 2CO option but couldn't get past Stage 2 of the checkout process. I clicked the button as well and tried going through the process again a couple of times.
In the end I used the second payment method and that worked OK.

Sounds similar to an earlier post.

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Akeeba Staff
We have occasional complaints from clients that they cannot pay with a credit card using 2Checkout.

The most common issue is that our clients are using a script blocker (like NoScript) or an internet security / firewall / antivirus application (like AVG Antivirus) which block Javascript on 2Checkout's page. In this case it is impossible to perform a payment. Please try disabling any such extensions / applications and retry the payment. Almost all clients who had the same issue as you were able to perform the payment after performing this simple step.

Otherwise, you can pay by PayPal, through 2Checkout. In the 2Checkout page, right above the credit card fields, please select the PayPal option (it's a large PayPal logo in the heading above the credit card fields). Clicking the button will take you to PayPal's website where you can pay by credit card, PayPal balance or bank transfer.

Alternatively you can pay with a credit card without going through 2Checkout. Select the PayMill payment option and enter your credit card information on our site. We forward them to PayMill without storing them on our servers. PayMill is a company based in Germany, using Lufthansa’s credit card processing facility to process your payment. Do note that most debit cards are not accepted.

Please note that some credit/debit cards are not supported by PayMill and 2Checkout. Choosing the other method usually works. Some banks, however, disable international payments with your credit/debit card by default. Since our company is in Cyprus and you live in another country paying for a subscription to us is considered an international payment by your bank. Please contact your bank to enable this kind of transactions.

Finally, PayMill is obliged to use 3DSecure (also known as “Verified by VISA” and “MasterCard SecureCode”) when processing payments made with a credit card. This means that a popup is displayed on the page with a web page from your bank’s website. You then log in using a username and password issued by your bank to verify that you are the rightful owner of the card. If your bank has not enabled this feature on your card they payment might fail. A quick call to your bank’s support hotline will solve this in a matter of minutes.

I remain for your questions.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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