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 Hi Nicholas,

How have you been? I hope things are getting better with the economy in Greece.

I just renewed my Akeeba Deluxe subscription. I have a few questions to ask.

1) If I get the Pro version of Akeeba ticket system, does it require a user to first create a user account on my Joomla site before they can create/submit a support ticket? If yes, is that user account a standard Joomla user account or is it only a user account for Akeeba Ticket System? Will that users' profile also integrate with my other Joomla extensions, like Kunena forum, along with Akeeba Ticket system?

2) Your website "Contact Us" link in the bottom menus on your site is broken. I get a 404 error when I click it:

3) I saw when I was logged into my account that one of your Special Offers is a discount for InMotion Hosting. I used a dedicated server on InMotion Hosting for a few years until I switched hosting. You might want to search online about complaints and negative reviews for InMotion Hosting because there are tons of them! Their hosting people can be very sleazy liars who scam customers with advertising "bait and switch" tactics. I experienced this firsthand when I used them for my hosting. Many times when I would upgrade to newer or more powerful dedicated servers or services at InMotion, their staff or server admins would scam me and not give me the same hardware/software configurations that they advertise on their website! They like to cheat people with "bait and switch" scams because they know that most people do not compare all the advertised hardware/software with what they actual end up with after they sign-up for the monthly hosting fees on InMotion. There are tons of complaints and negative reviews online that talk about the problems people have had with InMotion Hosting. InMotion has their own employees posting fake positive reviews all over the Internet to counter the real negative reviews posted.
After my bad experiences with InMotion, I switched to a dedicated SiteGround hosting server. SiteGround has been great and is very honest, they're not scammers and liars like InMotion Hosting.

Take care.

Akeeba Staff
1. Yes. Your users need to create a standard Joomla! user account.

Please note that ATS abides by the Joomla! access control (permissions) given to each user group. It's up to you to decide if any registered user should be able to file a ticket or if you want only people in specific user groups to file tickets. Therefore I cannot reply your question whether you need a "special" user account because that's something that you will decide on your own site.

You can always use the free version (Akeeba Ticket System Core) to evaluate this functionality. The only thing ATS Core doesn't do is send emails on ticket creation / reply, create tickets / ticket replies by email and integrate with Akeeba Subs for credits management.

2. Yup, it was an access control issue. Thank you for the heads up!

3. Hm, that's troubling. I will reconsider having them on that page. Thank you for the heads up!

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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