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Good day,
We're launching a new Joomla hosting data center based out of Montreal, Canada.
We're setting up our Joomla hosting packages and would like them to include 2 of your products; backup and admin.
If we're to offer this, we'd of course like to be legit and play by the rules.
So, our ask is;
Do you foresee a problem in us doing so ?
What type of licencing would this entail on our part (with you) ?
Are there existing reseller options / affiliation ?
Are there constraints in terms of branding references ?
Danny Malouin
514 512 8665

Akeeba Staff
Setting up sites with our software preinstalled is permitted by the license of the software (GPLv3). However, per our Terms of Service, you have to explicitly state the following to your clients:
  • They can request update for the software only from you, not from Akeeba Ltd
  • They can request support for the software only from you, not from Akeeba Ltd
  • If they want to receive updates and support from Akeeba Ltd they need to subscribe to our services, something not included in the price they are paying to you

We can give you a 30% discount coupon code you can give to your clients who are interested in purchasing a subscription directly from us.

Moreover I would like to remind you that we will only offer support for up to three domains per month and may decline support or request a different arrangement if we determine that the volume of your support requests are to the detriment of the service quality we can offer to everyone else. If you see that your clients require support beyond what you can reasonably offer yourself it's best to get them to directly subscribe to our services so we can help them.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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