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Really enjoying the Social Login plugin you guys created. Is there any way to use the email address as the username when registering for an account with google plus or facebook? Right now, it seems to be using some derivation of the full name as the account name. E.g., registered with Google Plus with a personal email account and username generated is holden.smith instead of my email address.

Akeeba Staff
This is by design and cannot change. Using your email address as the (publicly visible) username is a terrible idea - unless you enjoy spam and phishing emails. Please remember that Joomla does protect your account's email field by displaying it in such a way that makes it very difficult to impossible for spam bots to harvest it. The username, however, is not protected at all.

Moreover, using the email as a publicly listed username can have privacy implications for your users. Maybe the person does not want people to know that he's affiliated with a specific company. Remember that the username of a user account is immutable, unlike the email address.

Furthermore, email addresses may change over time. It's trivial to update the email address associated with an account. It's non-trivial changing the username. More so when the first thing a user will try is creating a user account with a different username with their new email address. Then you get all sorts of fun back and forth trying to establish that they are the same person and that they have actually changed email addresses.

To cut a long story short: if you use email addresses as usernames you are doing something fundamentally wrong which will come back and bite you not too much later.

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