#29229 Usage of Akeeba Backup after subscription expiration?

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Latest post by dkdb on Friday, 16 February 2018 09:40 CST

Hi guys

Due to cost cutting we've had to give up on the Deluxe package, and just go with admintools.
We still have the Akeeba Backup from before the expiration installed, is that ok?
It came and told me a new version was available, but of course we can't update as the subscription ended.
Is it just a question of removing the old download id, and let it rest as it is, or what do I do?

Best regards

Best regards Kenneth

Akeeba Staff
Hello Kenneth,

You can still use Akeeba Backup Professional. You cannot disable update notifications; update notifications are actually generated by Joomla!, not Akeeba Backup. The Download ID is only used when you try to install an update. You can always unpublish the update site for Akeeba Backup from Manage, Extensions, Update Sites. The next time you check for extensions updates Joomla will not look for updates for Akeeba Backup, therefore it will stop notifying you.

Please bear in mind that older versions of Akeeba Backup will NOT work reliably -or at all- with newer versions of Joomla since Joomla! is changing several of its APIs all the time. It will most definitely not work with Joomla 4, scheduled for release this summer. Also bear in mind that newer versions of PHP and MySQL are only supported in newer versions of Akeeba Backup. While this seems to be irrelevant when you are stuck on an old server it becomes very relevant when you try to restore that backup on a local server and suddenly find out that it's no longer possible or, worse, that happens when going from your local server back to the live server.

Finally, I would also like to note that the Essentials package which includes both Akeeba Backup and Admin Tools is 60 Euros (instead of 80) for the first year and 42 (instead of 56) for every next year. That comes down to an extra €1,17 per month to have reliable backups. That's about the price of an espresso in Denmark :)

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Ha ha, well I don't drink coffee, so I wouldn't know :-D
I had to cut deeply into the budget, so currently there are no frills, and we have to rely on the webhotel backup.
Further we saw a lot of RAM usage when running akeebabackup, resulting in error 500 (we had a few tickets on that) while the backup was running, and haven't been able to solve it, so for now, with our current host, it's not of much use.
I hope we can get a server up and running in the hostcenter we use at work, so we have full controll over our own server, but that has a bit longer perspective, and when we do that I have to get AkeebaBackup running again.
Thankyou for your help, I'll leave it there for now.

Best regards Kenneth

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