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I want to automate my backups made by Akeeba and thinking of buying a license. Two questions:

Is it possible to automatically backup to my NAS and is it necessary to buy a pro license for that?

Can I use the software after the year subscription? .. without updates..

Kind regards, Aron van der Linden

Akeeba Staff
Is it possible to automatically backup to my NAS

Yes, as long as your NAS setup fulfills the following criteria:
  • supports one of FTP, SFTP or WebDAV protocols
  • is on a static IP or has a dynamic DNS domain
  • has adequate download speed on its connection to make it practical to transfer files (your Internet connectivity must have at least 30 Mbps downlink speed)

Yours truly is using a Synology NAS on a 100Mbps connection. It works just fine, with the important note that I need to split my backup archive at around 25MB to avoid timeout issues when taking backups from the site's backend.

is it necessary to buy a pro license for that?

Yes. The Core version does not have any way to send the backup archive to remote storage.

You could, of course, spend your time instead of your money to write the necessary automation on your NAS to connect to your site's FTP / SFTP server, download the latest backup archive and possibly delete it from there. However, it's both more expensive (your time has a cost) and it does not help us continue developing our software.

Can I use the software after the year subscription? .. without updates..

You can, for the most part. It's not advisable, though.

There are a few features which rely on software running on our server to act as a mediator between your site and remote storage services. This is just the services which use OAuth2 to connect to them (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, ...). The software that runs on our site requires upkeep and costs money to run (servers, bandwidth, ...) so we limit access to it only to active subscriptions. You don't seem to be interested in those features so this probably doesn't apply to you.

You need an active subscription to get downloads (including updates) and support. You only mentioned updates so I wanted to make clear that you will receive no support whatsoever the moment your subscription expires.

Most importantly, not having updates may eventually prevent you from using our software for objective reasons. PHP, MySQL, browsers, server environments, Joomla and WordPress evolve all the time. We need to do a lot of work to make our software compatible with new versions of either of these and address side-effects from their new features. It requires so much work that it's actually a full time occupation for me. That's why I started this company, after all. There was no way I could do all of that work on my spare time. According to my experience over the last decade and a half, if you are actively maintaining your site you will need to buy a subscription within 6 to 12 months since your subscription expired. Simply renewing your subscription early -- with a 40% discount -- is more economical and far less stressful than waiting until you discover your backups are no longer valid due to an environment that your old version of the backup software predates and could not possibly support.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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