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I'm not sure why your payment system is so messed up. when I go to renew my subscription, it does not take the discount into account.  I renew allot of other joomla products without experiencing this mess.

Even adding a screen shot is confusing... you guys do fabulous work with software, but what happened here?

Akeeba Staff

You have already opened another ticket, 35145, two days ago. I already replied to you but since you are filing a second, public ticket let me tell you publicly as well.

As noted in the emails we sent you 30 and 15 days before your subscription expires, if and only if you come to our site to renew your subscription before it expires will you get the 40% renewal discount. If you do that you will not lose any subscription time; the renewal will start counting after your then-current subscription expires. If you decide to come to our site to renew after your subscription expires, like you did, you get to pay full price and the subscription will NOT be backdated, i.e. it will start counting exactly when the new payment succeeds.

In the private ticket I gave you a coupon code to get a 30% discount regardless. Enter the coupon code on our site before clicking the Pay and Subscribe button. The coupon code entry is right next to your personal information on a desktop browser, right below your personal information on a mobile browser (or if you are using a really small window width). It's labeled Coupon Code and it's under the Order Summary header. Enter the coupon code in the field labelled Coupon Code and click the button labelled Apply next to it. You will see that the order total, shown in large white type over a big green area right above it, changes.

I will send you a reply to ticket 35145 with a special link which pre-fills the coupon code for you.

I would like to address the points you made about other developers.

Most other extension developers are using Akeeba Subscriptions, the software we use to power our subscription page, or a clone of it which has the same features and subscription page design. Since these features and layout were the product of extensive user research over a decade I can see why. It works for most people but, of course, there will always be someone who gets confused. In this case we're here to help.

Before we started selling subscriptions, Joomla extension developers didn't give renewal discounts at all or were emailing coupon codes. Having been a business consultant before I started this company I knew that was not ideal for clients. We were the first Joomla extensions developer to offer automatic early renewal discounts since February 2010. This idea was copied by most third party developers soon after.

As for the support system, there's a big Attachment area below the editor where you can attach up to 10MB of image files in common image formats or PDF or even Word (bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc). We get hundreds of tickets every week, a third of which have image attachments. If you have a file which didn't attach try putting it in a ZIP file and attach the ZIP file instead.

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