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Latest post by nicholas on Wednesday, 27 July 2022 02:02 CDT


Hi Good Evening Akeeba Team

I am interested to buy akeeba  backup and admin tool pro for joomla webiste

I have few questions before purchase

1. With akeeba  backup can i restore the joomla website to different server with different domain name ??

I tried with free version but it gave me 500 error

webiste is ::

2. Can i restore website to previous back up on same server  through akeeba backend

i tried the free version but not able to find the Restore Button on backend ?
Does this feature available on pro version ??? 

3. i am using Cyberpanel for website management
  Do Both Akeeba backup and Admin tools Pro Fully Functional or compatible with openlitespeed web server ???

4. I tried akeeba admin tool Free Version for URL redirection and make password protected administrator but none of them works ?? Does this happen because i am using openlitespeed server ???

5. After Purchase how  will i  get support ? Can i create private tickets for  team or i have to post everything Publicly on Forum to get Support ??

Looking Forward for Your Answers
Have a Great Day !


Akeeba Staff

1. Yes, you can most definitely restore the backup to a different server and domain name. This is the use case Akeeba Backup was originally written for: moving sites from development to production and from production to development (different servers, different domain names). The site we are having this discussion on is a proof of that. It was developed on a local server with a temporary (locally resolved only) domain name abcom4.local.web on a development server on our local network and was then deployed to our live server with the domain name

2. Yes, the Professional version has a Restore button. This is a Pro-only feature. The Core version users can simply use Kickstart to extract the backup archive. That's the only difference in the process. The actual database restoration and site reconfiguration takes place through the restoration script which is included in the backup archive at backup time.

3. OpenLiteSpeed has several limitations. It does not support .htaccess files beyond simple redirections (RewriteBase, RewriteRule and RewriteCond). As a result Admin Tools' .htaccess Maker just like Joomla's default .htaccess code (shipped in htaccess.txt) will NOT work correctly and/or to their full extent. OpenLiteSpeed has no bearing on the functionality of Admin Tools' Web Application Firewall or the entirety of Akeeba Backup; these will work just fine.

4. OpenLiteSpeed does not support password protection of directories. As I explained in the point above, it only has very limited support for .htaccess directives.

In our professional opinion, you MUST NOT use OpenLiteSpeed on a production (live) site. While such a limited server was fine back in the early 2000s, modern sites require more server configuration to be truly secure and performant. By using OpenLiteSpeed you are doing a great disservice to your site and your ability to maintain a secure and well performing site. You should use LiteSpeed proper (requires a paid license), Apache 2.4 (free of charge) or NginX (free of charge).

5. We do not have a forum. We only have a ticket system. You can choose whether to submit a private or public ticket. If you have a question which does not require any personally identifiable information and whose answer would benefit other users with the same question we encourage you, but not require of you, to submit a public ticket.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Hi @nicholas Thank you so much for your Reply

My last question before the purchase ^_^

Along with different domain name, Can i restore my website to different web server too by joomla akeeba backup ??

I.e Website on Nginx web server then restore to Litespeed or move website from Litespeed to nginx ??? Can i do those kinds of restoration too ??

or i can only restore on same Web server ??


Akeeba Staff

Yes, you can move between any kind of web server. NginX, Apache, IIS, LiteSpeed etc.

Just remember that every server has a different server configuration file. Apache and LiteSpeed use .htaccess and they are mostly compatible with each other. OpenLiteSpeed uses .htaccess BUT only supports RewriteBase, RewriteCond and RewriteRule, making it incompatible with most everything you'd be using a .htaccess for. IIS uses web.config files. NginX does not have config files in each site, you need to change the server configuration. It is not possible to convert between these configuration formats.

So, if you move from NginX to LiteSpeed you will need to create a new .htaccess file for LiteSpeed. If you move from LiteSpeed to NginX you will need to configure your NginX server.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

🇬🇷Greek: native 🇬🇧English: excellent 🇫🇷French: basic • 🕐 My time zone is Europe / Athens
Please keep in mind my timezone and cultural differences when reading my replies. Thank you!

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