#38095 In need of assistance for restoring a website on a localhost ( Emergency )

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I have backed up files from an old website and I got .jpa and .j01 files. In your tutorials, I can see that you only get the .jpa file. As I am new to Joomla I would appreciate if you would explain to me

the whole process of restoring the website with the 2 files.

I am using XAMPP localhost to install the website on.

I really appreciate any help you can provide. 


Akeeba Staff

Put both the .jpa and .j01 file on the same folder. They are the two parts of the same archive.

Think of it like War and Peace. It's too long to print in one volume (physical book ) so it's usually printed split in two volumes. You need to read both volumes to make sense of it and in the right order: first volume 1, then volume two.

Your archive is just like War and Peace. It was too big to put in a single file. It's split into two files. Kickstart needs to read both files to make sense of it, in the right order (first j01, then jpa).

The Kickstart interface will only show you the .jpa file. This is by design. It KNOWS it needs all part files of a multi-part archive and in which order. It would make no sense having you select them one by one and in the right order; imagine having to do that for some archives split into 200 files!

So, upload both files alongside Kickstart.

Select the .jpa file which shows up.

Kickstart knows how to do the rest.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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