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My name is William Moen, webmaster for the Denton County Master Gardener Association in Denton, Texas USA. I set up an account yesterday and tried to subscribe for the WordPress Akeeba Tools and Backup bundle. My payment was not accepted. I tried two times using the Association's credit card. Both times failed. And I got the message about that the system was not able to take the payment at that time. Just now I tried again using my personal credit cards -- tried once with each card, and both times the system was not able to process it. I got a text message from one of the two credit cards indicating that it was seeing this as as a fraudulent attempt. I indicated that it was me who was trying to make the purchase. The card company said to reach out to you to see if you had tried to resubmit the payment.

I will appreciate your help in resolving this so that I can access your WordPress bundle to use on our website:  It is a newly developed site and our developer had used his license to install your product while developing our site. We are now launched, and I want to pay you directly for the product and our developer will do what is necessary to activate the product with our license.

Thank you.

Bill Moen


Akeeba Staff

Hello Bill,

We sell through a third party reseller, Paddle, which has control of the transactions. We only see successful transactions in our merchant control panel on their site. This means I cannot tell you for sure why the transactions failed, but I can make a good guess in both cases based on personal experience.

Your association's card is most likely set up by the card issuer to only accept transactions within the USA. Since we're a Cypriot company and our reseller is based in the United Kingdom this would've caused the transaction to be blocked on your card issuer's end. Unfortunately, US card issuers do that automatically without even telling you. I have seen that many times in the past. Moreover, my wife, who's an American with a business in the US, has that problem with her US-issued business card quite often.

Regarding the next two attempts marked as fraudulent, I believe that trying different cards from the same computer and web browser may have had something to do with it. Please contact Paddle's support directly at [email protected] telling them the first two and last four digits of the credit card which was marked as fraudulent. I believe they will be able to override the fraud protection manually to let you retry the subscription with your personal card.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Nicholas: Thank you so much for kindly answering my question on a Saturday!! I will follow up with Paddle, but will wait until Monday -- that will be soon enough -- as would have been your reply!  But I really appreciate your response. Hopefully you can get back to a bit of the weekend and enjoy! Maybe even raise a glass of retsina or ouzo.... I had the pleasure of visiting Greece some years ago to attend a library and information science conference on Lesbos. Spent a couple of days in Athens... truly wonderful. Hope you all are doing okay with the heat... Here in Texas daily highs are staying between 38-41. Take care. And thanks again.

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