Chapter 3. Migrating from old versions of Akeeba Backup and Joomla!

Akeeba Backup has been around for a very long time — since October 2006 when Joomla was still in version 1.0. We have been following Joomla's and PHP's development very closely, typically being the first third party extension to support a new Joomla and PHP version from their early beta versions. We always provide a simple migration plan between successive Joomla major and minor versions.

Joomla 1.x and 2.5

These versions of Joomla are currently considered historic and have been out of support well over a decade at the time of this writing (October 2022). There is no surviving information for upgrading Akeeba Backup on them.

While we still offer downloads of historic versions of our software, we do not provide any kind of support for them. Kindly note that the Professional editions of these historic versions are most likely useless; the APIs of third party storage providers have evolved over the years, meaning that the old versions of these APIs implemented in historic Akeeba Backup releases are unlikely to still work.