Import from Amazon S3


This feature is restricted to Akeeba Kickstart Professional for security reasons. Please read the information on securing Akeeba Kickstart Professional. We would like to kindly remind you that Akeeba Kickstart Professional is only available to paying subscribers.

In order to use this feature, upload Akeeba Kickstart into the root of the site where you want to restore your backup / install Joomla! / install WordPress and run it. Right under Step 1 you will see a small blue button reading Import from Aamzon S3. Click on it. A new page appears.

Enter your Amazon S3 credentials (Access Key and Secret Key) in the provided text boxes. Please remember that the credentials you provide must have adequate privileges to list all buckets and list the contents and get objects from the bucket you want to import from. Then click on the Connect to Amazon S3 button to test the credentials.


If you get the error "AKS3Connector::listBuckets(): [60] SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate" it means that your server does not have an up to date list of SSL Certificate Authorities. Please download the file cacert.pem and save it in the same directory as Kickstart. Then retry clicking the Connect to Amazon S3 button.

The Bucket dropdown should now have a list of your Amazon S3 buckets. Select the bucket you want to import from and click on List Contents.

In the panels below you will see a directory browser on the left hand side and a list of JPA, JPS and ZIP files on the right hand side. Navigate to the folder where your backup files are stored and click on the file to import.


Kickstart Professional is smart. It will figure out if your backup archive consists of multiple parts (e.g. .jpa, .j01, .j02, ...) and download all of them automatically, without asking you, since they are all required to extract the backup.

You will see the Importing progress. Sit back and make sure your computer doesn't go to sleep or disconnects from the network while this is running.

In the end of the process you'll be told that the Import is complete. Click on Reload Kickstart to reload Kickstart and extract the newly downloaded backup archive.