Email Templates


This feature is NOT available on Akeeba Ticket System Core. The free of charge version will not send emails regardless of your options.

Joomla introduced its own Mail Templates feature in Joomla 4.0 released in August 2021. Akeeba Ticket System version 5.0 and later use this core Joomla feature to manage the templates of the e-mails it sends.

You can access Joomla's email templates manager through the System menu item, Templates tab, Mail Templates link. From the Filter Options of that page click on the - Select Extension - drop–down and select Akeeba Ticket System.

In case you need to reset the email templates to their default values, or find that some or all of the Akeeba Ticket System email templates are missing we have included a utility page in Akeeba Ticket System itself. Go to Components, Akeeba Ticket System, Control Panel and click on the Email Templates button.

Email Templates

The Mail Templates button takes you to Joomla's Mail Templates page and pre–filters it to show only Akeeba Ticket System email templates.

The Install or Update button will only install email templates which are missing. If there are any unmodified email templates which have changed since the previous version of ATS that installed them they will be updated too. If you have modified any email template it will NOT be updated.

The Reset button is the nuclear option. It will first remove all Mail Templates assigned to Akeeba Ticket System. It will then install them afresh. Use this if you think you have messed up so badly you don't know what else to do or you believe the database data for the mail templates is messed up beyond any reasonable attempt at recovery. Any customisations you have made will be lost.

Allowed variables in e-mails

Email templates wouldn't be worth anything if you couldn't include useful information about the ticket, the post and the user in them. You can do so by using "variables". The variables are ALWAYS written in all-uppercase letters, surrounded by culry brackets, without spaces, exactly as defined below.

Not all variables are supported by all email templates. When editing an email template you can see which variables are supported under the Insert Tags sidebar.

The available variables are:


The name of your site, as configured in Joomla's Global Configuration page.


The URL to your site, as detected the last time you visited the Akeeba Ticket System Control Panel page.


The full name of the person being contacted. For the mail templates which have to do with the mail gateway (receiving emails) this may be the name of the sender as communicated in the email received if a Joomla user cannot be found by the email address they sent an email from.


The URL of the ticket on your site


The name of the email recipient.


The numeric ticket ID


The ticket's title


The full name of the person who posted the ticket / reply


The username of the person who posted the ticket / reply


The title of the category the ticket belongs in


The post text


A link to the attachment(s) — including the filename and the URL. This does not output anything if there is no attachment