Chapter 4. The Component

The Control Panel page

Accessible through the back-end Components, Akeeba Ticket System, Control Panel menu item.

Akeeba Ticket System's Control Panel

The Control Panel page gives you an overview of your help desk and allows you to quickly reach the configuration pages for the different Akeeba Ticket System features.

The graph at the top shows you the number of new tickets and posts submitted on each calendar day over the last 30 days.

The table next to the graph shows you the number of tickets depending on their visibility (Public or Private) and status. Please note that if you are using custom ticket states they are all lumped under the Pending figure for screen space efficiency reasons.

In the area below the graph and stats tables you can see quick icons to the main ticket system features and configuration.

Finally, there is a panel displaying the current version information and copyright notice — the latter being a requirement of the license we publish our software under, the GNU General Public License version 3.

This page is one of the two pages — the other being the Tickets page — where you can find the Options button which opens the component's options page.