WAF: Cloaking

The next section is called Cloaking and lets you change the way that certain WordPress features work. These features are commonly used by attackers to identify which sites run on WordPress (discovery phase of the attack). By cloaking your site against these methods of discovery you are less likely to be attacked. This doesn't mean nobody will attack you; it means that fewer hackers will end up attacking you compared to the next person running a WordPress site.

Hide/customise generator meta tag

All WordPress installations set the meta generator tag, a piece of HTML in the header of all pages, to advertise the fact that your site is running on WordPress. This information is cached by search engines and is exploited by attackers who are looking for potential WordPress sites to target. Enable this option and enter a custom value for the generator tag in the next option to change the reported generator.

Generator tag

When the previous option is enabled, this is what the generator meta tag's value will be.