Installing / Updating

You can install Akeeba UNiTE by copying unite.phar anywhere you want. Throughout this document, this path will be denoted as /path/to/unite.phar .


If you are on Linux or macOS you can chmod +x unite.phar to make it executable. If you rename the file to unite (without a phar extension) and put it in a directory that's in your $PATH (typically /usr/local/bin) you can call UNiTE by simply typing unite instead of php /path/to/unite.phar . To the best of our knowledge this is not possible on Windows.

You can update Akeeba UNiTE by overwriting the PHAR file of the old version with the new one. You can place the file anywhere you like.

If you are upgrading from Akeeba UNiTE 1.x, 2.x or 3.x we recommend that you delete your existing UNiTE folder. You no longer need these files. UNiTE 4.x and later versions are self-contained.