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#38742 Environment preparation for migration to J4.

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Latest post by nicholas on Friday, 17 March 2023 02:08 CDT


I am preparing everything for the migration and I find that I cannot perform BackUps because I have an error on the server:

[client] ModSecurity: Warning. Matched phrase "/backup." at REQUEST_FILENAME. [file "/etc/httpd/conf/modsecurity.d/rules/custom/011_i360_1_infectors.conf"] [line "54"] [id "77142160"] [msg "IM360 WAF: Infectors. Dirb like fuzzing||MVN:REQUEST_FILENAME||MV:/media/com_akeeba/js/backup.min.js||T:APACHE||"] [severity "DEBUG"] [tag "service_i360custom"] [hostname ""] [uri "/media/com_akeeba/js/Backup.min.js"] [unique_id "ZBNr5X9jpTjBAY@HbVZedwAAABM"], referer:

Akeeba Staff

Contact your host, HOSTALIA. The server log says that they will stupidly block any request with the word backup preceded by a forward slash (/backup). Of course this blocks legitimate requests, like the request to load our Backup Now page's JavaScript file which is called Backup.min.js. 

Please do tell your host that whoever wrote this braindead rule (I do see that it's a custom rule they wrote themselves thanks to their logging) should be sent for remedial training and not allowed to touch production. Writing a rule which blocks forward slash followed by an English word which is extremely common in the IT vocabulary is very obviously going to create tonnes of false positives and break far more stuff than it fixes.

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