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Joomla! version: 1.5.23
PHP version: (unknown)
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Akeeba Backup version which took the backup: (unknown)
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Description of my issue:
I have a site with AB installed. And I want to use this backup as a base for new sites. Let's say a have a Blog site with different extensions installed. and I want to use the backup to create new blogs identical to this but with different domain names. Can I use AB to do that? How can I do it?

Akeeba Staff
Yes, you can, and it's very simple:
1. Take a backup
2. Upload the backup archive to the new domain
3. Upload kickstart.php to the new domain
4. Access kickstart, e.g., and restore the backup on the new site
The thing with Akeeba Backup is that it wasn't originally designed as a backup tool. It was designed as a site transfer script, intended to transfer a site from the development to the live server. As such, the generated archive was specifically designed to be able to be restored anywhere, even on a different directory, subomain or server, with a different domain name, even with a different architecture (think about transferring a site from a Linux server to a Windows server).

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