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Latest post by nicholas on Thursday, 19 July 2012 08:42 CDT

Mandatory information about my setup:

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Joomla! version: 2.5.6
PHP version: 5.3.3-14.el6_3
MySQL version: 5.1.61-4.el6
Akeeba Backup version which took the backup: Professional 3.5.2 (2012-06-18)
Kickstart version used to extract the backup: 3.5.2

Description of my issue:
This is the old site on another dedicated server

And this is the restored site
Temporary until I change the dns

There was problems with file ownership as these were set to apache and I have chown and chgrp them to the user - The site is server is also set to use fastcgi as a ecommerce site would not work without it.

Is this a case of the temporary link even though it is http or do I need to alter something else or re restore.
Your help would be very much appreciated.

Akeeba Staff
I am not sure what the problem you are asking help with is. I assume you're talking about ownership. There is a long chapter called Security Information in our documentation. Please read it. Then read Kickstart's documentation. Finally, please come back to this reply, read the following paragraph and it'll all make sense.

Since you were using Kicsktart in direct file writes, all files are owned by the same user Kickstart was running under. In that case that's the Apache user, hence the need to use chown. And that's exactly why I have implemented Kickstart's FTP mode since several years ago. If you use it, all files and folders will be owned by the FTP user. At the end of the restoration you simply have to remove the temporary directory Kickstart was using to extract the files before uploading them to their intended location using FTP.

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