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#13417 Ongoing restoration to local server

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Environment Information

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Mandatory information about my setup:

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Joomla! version: (unknown)
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Akeeba Backup version which took the backup: (unknown)
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Description of my issue:
Followon question from your akeeba backup guide - indicative uses, and backup/restoration workflow

My application:
I write and maintain one website for each of two products I make
Typically I'll make monthly changes to each site
I use a shared server service to host the sites.

So, on my computer I have a local server, copy of joomla and a db -
I make website upgrades on this local copy, use your utility to upload to the live shared server site
Q: should I always go through (as I did this time) the following steps
a. make new db on the server,
b. upload latest version of kickstart to the server
c. move all active files (except kickstart) to a temporary subdirectory on the server to blank out the root dir
d. upload/extract newer website version to empty root and new db, then
e. once working, delete all the temporary subdirectory

Once site is up and running correctly on server, backup the server copy by reversing the process, creating a duplicate for me to use locally for the next month when I need to make the next set of website changes.
Q: should I start with an empty subdirectory (save kickstart.php) and a new db each time?

I would appreciate your recommendations for the smoothest procedure.for making my monthly website amendments.

One last question and I'll be through (well, its actually 2 !)
How do you pronounce akeeba (ah-KEE-ba ) and why did you choose this name for your software?

Thank you sincerely,
C Shaffer

Akeeba Staff

First, the two questions.

Q1: Yes, this list of steps is the most safe path. You can, however, choose to not use a new database but reuse your existing one. A big warning though: if you uninstalled component on the dev site you will be stuck with leftover tables in the database. If you're not going to use a brand new database, at least empty it before restoration to be on the safe side.

Q2: Ideally, yes. Even though you can reuse the same database, I don't recommend it for the same reasons stated above.

Now, regarding the name of the software. Yes, it's pronounced ah-kee-bah. Before I explain where it's got its name, I have to explain how Joomla! came to be called Joomla!. "Jumla" in Swahili means "all together". The founders of the project simply changed "u" to "oo" so that folks from the States would be more likely to be able to pronounce it without thinking it sounds too "foreign". "Akiba" in Swahili means "backup". I did the same thing as the Joomla! founders and "americanized" the spelling, substituting "i" with "ee". Back then I only had one piece of software, the backup component for Joomla!. By naming it "Akeeba Backup" I paid homage to Joomla! and made an inside joke by essentially calling it "Backup Backup" ;)

Fun story: It turns out that there was a famous rabbi called Akiva. I mean, famous in Israel. There's a thing about Hebrew. They write down consonants only. Vowels are optional and marked on top or below the consonants, like in Arabic. Due to the omission of vowels, B and V may be written using the same Hebrew letter. This leads to a transliteration confusion, as Akiva and Akiba would be the same word. I knew nothing about all that until I went to Joomla! Day Israel back in 2011. I spent half an hour with airport security being persistently asked (borderline interrogated, I'd say) about the origins of my company's name. Only when I was in Israel and talking to my friend Brian Teeman did I understand why. The airport security people were wondering why the heck did I name an IT business after a famous rabbi when I clearly neither speak a word of Hebrew nor am I a Jew. :D

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Thank you for sharing your naming story - I appreciate the smile.

This information will close my documentation report for future and I should be able to get back into the shop to make concrete. Which is what I do mostly, not application design. You're welcome to learn a little about interior custom concrete if you'd like :)

Most sincerely,

Akeeba Staff
You're welcome!

I have to admin I never thought that concrete would be such a versatile material for interior decoration. Nice site!

PS: Heads up. Some of the links to your image galleries in the front page's article are not working.

PS2: Remember to create a favicon.ico for your site. Right now it's showing the Joomla! logo. Not that I don't like it, but it looks better in bookmarks if you have a distinctive favicon.ico ;)

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

🇬🇷Greek: native 🇬🇧English: excellent 🇫🇷French: basic • 🕐 My time zone is Europe / Athens
Please keep in mind my timezone and cultural differences when reading my replies. Thank you!

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