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#13472 Site installed perfectly - where are the directories and files on the server?

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Kickstart version

Mandatory information about my setup:

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Joomla! version: 2.5.6
PHP version: (unknown)
MySQL version: (unknown)
Host: Heart internet
Akeeba Backup version which took the backup: (unknown)
Kickstart version used to extract the backup: (unknown)

Description of my issue:
The site restored perfectly. When I go into the public menu on my server the directories and files for joomla etc aren't there. I have Kickstart.php, the jpa file and the language ini file.
I use this extensively when developing my site. How do I get the directories and files for the install visible on the server?

Many thanks


Akeeba Staff
I just read your ticket for the sixth time. I still can't understand how what you're describing is even possible. In order for a site to be restored (i.e. work on the new host) you have to have its files extracted, database content restored to the database and the configuration.php updated. If you only see kickstart.php and the archive then the site is not restored. In this case you can't have restored the site, therefore the site shouldn't work. So, what you show me in the screenshot is mutually exclusive with a perfect site restoration. They can't happen both at the same time.

(Sorry, I can't resist a geek joke – it's been a long day) Your site is like Schrödinger's cat in the bunker. It can either be dead (not restored) or alive (restored) but not both. You can't take a peek in the bunker and find that the cat is both dead and alive. That would be a paradox.

Now, let's consider how this paradox can exist on your server. The most plausible explanation I have is that you are either seeing the contents of the wrong directory or the wrong site. But, in order to avoid having me tell more lousy quantum physics jokes, let's try giving me some information so that I can make an educated guess and let me really help you:
1 - Are you restoring the site to a. the same server and domain name, b. a different domain name or c. a new server with the same domain name? This is very important for me to understand what's going on.
2 - Did you run Kickstart and go through the restoration?
3 - If the answer to previous question is yes, does the restored site work properly?
4 - Did you try disconnecting from FTP and connect back to it to see if anything has changed?

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

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