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#18255 French translation of "skip database restaure" button

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 I have upgraded to the latest version of Akeeba bacup (3.9.1) and used ANGIE for the first time, with the French language package. Previously I used ABI in english. My goal was to create a clone of one of my production sites to test upgrading to joomla 3.2.

In ANGIE execution, the page wich launches the database restore step contains in the top right an intermediate orange button before the blue "continue" button. The effect of this button is to skip the database restore.

The french translation of the label is "Passer la restauration de la base" which is a perfect translation. of "skip the database restauration". However "passer à la restauration de la base" means "execute the restauration of the database" and differs from the other only by one letter.
Since the database restore opens up a pop-up while it runs, it was only too easy to assume a translation issue and that buttons should be used in sequence "restore" then "continue".

To avoid this misinterpretation, I would advise a clearer label such as "Ne pas restaurer la base" (do'nt restaure the base) ou "sauter cette étape" (skip this step). Additionnally, this button could be placed in a different, more visible spot which does not suggest a sequence of actions, since skipping this step should be exeptionnal.

The trouble shooting doc could also include a mention of this problem, even if I am the only idiot.

Thse precautions would have saved me an afternoom of fiddling with files authorisations and .htaccess files, following your recommendations, to finally discover that the phpconfig file still contained the old site info, and finally that the new data base was empty.

For my part, I think I will return to the native english language versions of the product.

I had also another problem with the site URL the help says that it can be filledf in to avoid 404 errors with some servers. I had the exact inverse behavior : filling in that info completely screwed up the url's of the restored site. I would advise to slighty change the emphasis of the help text to say "this field should be left empty, except if one has ... problems with the restored site.

Anyway, I still have to congratulate you for very good products, with a documentation well above average and very complete. And whenever I have really needed support, it has been fast and accurate.


Akeeba Staff
Translations in any other language except Greek are handled by volunteer translators. They are provided as-is and we cannot provide support for these languages.

Regarding the Live Sire URL, we have already documented it. We tell you that it should not be filled in unelss you have a problematic server. FWIW, the servers which break when it's filled in are equally bad as the servers which break when it's empty. In either case I would recommend going to a different host.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

🇬🇷Greek: native 🇬🇧English: excellent 🇫🇷French: basic • 🕐 My time zone is Europe / Athens
Please keep in mind my timezone and cultural differences when reading my replies. Thank you!

I understand your position. But you might consider forwarding the remark to the guys who do the translation.
I still advise, FWIW an adaptation of the layout in a future iteration.

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