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#18449 Kickstart extraction freezes

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 I am trying to use kickstart to create a test site subdomain on my hosting server using a backup of the live site. The hosting server places subdomain files in a folder of public_html, in this case public_html/test3.

I have used Control Panel to move the backup files (three files .jpa, .j01 and .j02) across to the test3 folder - so no downloads or uploads.

Running test3.mydomain/kickstart.php starts normally and I did not change default settings. The extraction seems slow until it reaches about 20% across the bar and then seems to freeze - have watched for more than an hour.

I have attached backup log for the backup being used.

I did have earlier issues with getting kickstart to start but that was resolved as an issue with the AdminTools generated htaccess file on the live site carrying over to the subdomain (as yet without its own htaccess file). I commented out the relevant htaccess code temporarily and kickstart started OK..

Hmmm... well situation has moved on to a different problem.

I tried refreshing the kickstart extraction page and it allowed me to restart the process. Three more times it froze (only allowed a few minutes these times to declare it frozen). Then I chose the FTP option rather than writing files directly and it limped over to the finish line!

So proceeded with installation - until the Database Restore step when I receive the following error message:

Database error processing line 32
Database server error reply:

ErrNo #0
SQL=REPLACE INTO `sag13_dtregister_session` VALUES ('1343', '9657f5294e95c5ed4e10543dc4b333fc', 'a:3:{s:9:\"__default\";a:9:{s:15:\"session.counter\";i:2;s:19:\"session.timer.start\";i:1332385063;s:18:\"session.timer.last\";i:1332385063;s:17:\"\";i:1332385065;s:22:\"session.client.browser\";s:171:\"Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/4.0; GTB7.3; SLCC1; .NET........

Possibly raises the question as to why I am backing up a session table, but does it indicate a problem that I can overcome and if so how?

Akeeba Staff
Yes, it does raise the question why you're backing up the session table. Most likely you have the tables of several sites on the same database. Akeeba Backup will, by default, back up all tables in your database during backup and will, of course, try to restore all of them during restoration. You can use the Database Table Exclusion or the RegEx Database Table Exclusion features in Akeeba Backup to instruct it to only backup the tables of the current site. The RegEx recipe for this is:

For more information please refer to our documentation where you can find the same recipe with an explanation of what it does and how to apply it.

Finally, please note that the restoration script will use REPLACE commands when restoring the database content. Some database servers will not allow you to use them and require INSERT commands instead. During restoration you can disable the "Use REPLACE instead of INSERT" option to do that.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

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