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#33945 Backed up website to S3 from Linux server. Downloaded to localhost on windows using xampp but problem with /'s

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My live website is located on a linux server and is experiencing no problem with Akeeba!

After backing it up to S3, downloading it to my local windows based xampp server, I was unable to proceed any further than the installation of the website with kickstart stopping at that point and crashing prior to the installation of the DB.
I therefore manually installed the database and modified the configuration.php file.

Upon trying to view the website, Joomla  hung up at HtmlView.php LINE 787 on the function _addPath($type,$path).

Upon comparing the created $dir value from this point with one from another correctly operating Joomla website, it was apparent that the creation of forward and backward slashes were different.

In the correctly operating system, the local slashes up to the inclusion of the Joomla component was backward slashes and the rest were forward.

In the incorrectly operating system, all the slashes were backward slashes.

Please advise what steps should be made to correct this situation.



Akeeba Staff

Forward and backward slashes ARE NOT the issue. PHP on Windows (in fact: the Windows core filesystem APIs) understands forward slashes just fine. The executive summary is that Windows is based on DOS which was trying to maintain compatibility with Xenix, a UNIX distribution created by Microsoft around the same time as DOS. So, internally, all filesystem APIs consider both forward and backward slashes to be functionally identical.

That is to say, your diagnosis of whatever problem you have is wrong which is why trying to address your misdiagnosis doesn't help you.

Let's backtrack.

Kickstart extracts the backup archive. It does not restore your site. Your site is restored by ANGIE, the restoration script which is included inside the database archive. So, which one has a problem? Archive extraction OR restoration? If you are not sure look at the top of the page on your browser. It will read either Kickstart or ANGIE. Tell me which one.

Since it's a PHP application running inside a browser it cannot "crash". If your browser crashes while displaying Kickstart or ANGIE that'a problem with your browser. If you are simply using the wrong terminology I need you to tell me exactly what you see, ideally sending a screenshot which includes the URL.

I can help you figure out what's going on but I need to be given the facts and exact error messages, not your interpretation of them. If you are here asking for support it most likely means that you cannot diagnose the problem yourself. If you could, you'd have resolved it without asking for my help :)

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Please keep in mind my timezone and cultural differences when reading my replies. Thank you!

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