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#35201 Large zip file in archive halts the extraction

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Hi there, a large zip file (11 gig) was left on the server during the back-up process by accident and was included in the JPA archive. The back up completed without error and automatically uploaded to dropbox. 

When we come to restore the archive it always chokes (an unexpected error occurred) when we hit the directory containing the mentioned zip file. Is there anyway to remove it from the manifest or indeed to exclude this folder during the extraction process?

I have attached a copy of the debug.txt file. 

Many thanks in advance.  

Akeeba Staff

I see a different problem in the log file. It seems to be an issue with the backup integrity. The file media/com_easysocial/ seems to have not been backed up correctly. You said it's 11GB which is the reason. Files over 2GB minus one byte fail to back up on 32-bit versions of PHP due to the way PHP handles file size internally. That's why your backup size is 2.1GB even though there should've been an 11GB file in it. PHP reported the file as fully read at around 900MB.

Her's the problem. The resulting backup archive is now corrupt  because the nominal end of the backed up file (start of its data + its reported length of 11GB) does not coincide with the actual end of the file's data in the archive (start of its data + 900MB actually read before PHP said the file is fully read). Kickstart tries to do some heuristics to find the next file but it fails. Hence the weird, scrambled file name you see in the next log line and the failure to extract the archive.

You would need to take a new backup without this big file included.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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Ok, thank you, I really appreciate the response. We will certainly not make that mistake again! 

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