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#38066 Kickstart problem running under XAMPP on windows with PHP 8.1

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Latest post by nicholas on Monday, 21 November 2022 01:12 CST


This message keeps coming up.  The restore aborts
An error occurred
Could not upload libraries/fof30/Cli/Traits/CustomOptionsAware.php

I have tried two different jpa and a zip . Same issue

Akeeba Staff

This is actually a problem PHP is reporting and it's coming from the Operating System. It says that PHP is unable to create this file.

Please check the following, in this order:

1. Space. Do you have enough disk space on the drive that holds the XAMPP web root? You need enough space for the backup archive and the restored site.

2. Where is XAMPP installed? XAMPP normally installs in C:\XAMPP but it can also install under any directory you choose. There is a 255 character limit for the full filesystem path of any file created by or read by PHP on Windows only. The relative path "libraries/fof30/Cli/Traits/CustomOptionsAware.php" is 49 characters long. If your site's root folder is somewhere which is more than 206 characters long then creating that file will fail. Honestly, I've seen this happen less than 10 times in the past 16 years but I have seen it, that's why I am mentioning it.

3. Permissions. If you are trying to restore on top of an existing site it is possible that the file already exists but its permissions are such which don't allow you to overwrite it.

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