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#38579 After every restoration, wp plugins require ftp details?

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Latest post by nicholas on Saturday, 18 February 2023 07:03 CST


Hello Akeeba support,


Whenever I use akeeba to migrate a site and restore into AWS (lightsail), I'm unable to add/update an plugins in the backend of wordpress.


It seems that something in the wp-config.php file after restoration changes (I think?).

Do you have a solution to this?


Thank you.

Akeeba Staff

Please read the Security Information chapter in our documentation. It tells you how users, groups, ownership, and permissions work on Linux. Your problem is that your web server user and your FTP/SFTP user are different. This can be trivially fixed by the server administrator —assuming they have the minimal necessary knowledge of managing a Linux server— by using PHP-FastCGI with a pool for this site's vhost running under the same user and group as the FTP/SFTP user account used to manage the site (and never using the root account to manage file uploads; that's a huge no-no for security!).

This is a server configuration issue, not an issue with our software, therefore it falls well outside the scope of our support as explicitly stated in our Terms of Service. Normally, we ask you to contact your host about this. However, by using Lightsail you are your own host, therefore you alone are responsible for setting up your server in such a way that this does not happen. I reckon that you do not have the minimum required technical knowledge for managing your own server. You can hire an (expensive) systems administrator to do that work for you, pay Amazon to manage your server, or use a traditional commercial host. The latter is usually the cheaper option.

There is a misunderstanding that by using a self–managed server such as Lightsail, EC2, Linode etc you will save money hosting your site. This has never been the case! The whole point of these services is that you gain latitude in your server configuration at the expense of not having any support for its configuration. If you do not have the time and/or knowledge necessary to manage a Linux server you will save time and frustration by using a commercial host which not only avoids most of these issues by having a more sane default configuration, but also provides support for any configuration issues which may arise.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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