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#39965 linking to kickstart.php (i.e. renamed.php) produces error 500 ....../com_quix/helpers cannot be found

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Latest post by Richard Chick on Monday, 11 December 2023 15:47 CST

Richard Chick

My site was originally built using Everweb.  I wanted to upgrade the site to get features not available under that builder so chose to stage the site on an ailas domain "" using Joomla with the added CMS components, SP Page Builder, and Quix.  My intention was to migrate the working .net site back to its original domain "".

While building the staging site I encountered several issues that I decided to avoid by rebuilding the .org site from scratch.  After building the home page using SP Page Builder and the Helix Ultimate template, with no quick start package, I installed Quix which I intended to use to facilitate page transfers from .net.  However I was unable to use Quix because Themexpert has somehow messed up my downloads and registration.  An outdated plan is reporting no available registration seats and blocking an available seat on a current plan.

The registration issue caused me to switch back to building the site using only SP Page Builder which has a somewhat higher learning curve. After building several pages with SP Page Builder I realized that I really didn't need to continue using Quix at all so I decided to just remove the component from  However after removing all Quix plugins I am no longer able to login to either the front end or back end of my site.

I then uploaded kickstart pro and a backup file of the site taken just before my Quix installation to my public_html folder.  I renamed kickstart.php Clock1-duc.php.  However when I go  to I find that the browser still reports "Error 500, Library path /components/com_quix/helpers cannot be found.

Also when I examine the file manager I still find a few folders and files related to Quix which I expected to be removed when the component was uninstalled.

Since I am fairly early in the development of this site and have the staging site to use as a reference I am thinking that the best course of action may be to remove the site altogether and reinstall it without installing Quix so as to have a completely clean install.

However if there is a way to recover the site with kickstart I would like to give it a try.

Richard Chick

I have solved my problem by going into cPanel file manager and manually removing all quix files from my site.  I was expecting a much more complete removal process from within the Joomla admin area.  Now having removed all Quix related files and folders I seem to be back to my current stage of development without requiring any backup restoration. 

Sorry for the false alarm.

Akeeba Staff

Beyond that, a couple of points.

You do not need Akeeba Kickstart Professional unless you are importing a backup archive from a remote URL, or Amazon S3. If you are not interested in those features the free of charge Akeeba Kickstart Core works great, is recommended, does not need renaming, and it's what I use 99.99% of the time on my sites and when helping clients.

The problem was most likely caused by a perfect storm. Seeing your subscriptions, I believe that you may have create a .htaccess file with Admin Tools' .htaccess Maker which would block access to any arbitrarily named .php file in your site's root unless explicitly allowed. When a file is blocked, it tells Apache to respond with an HTTP 403 error. Apache is apparently configured at the web hosting level to use custom error pages, i.e. static HTML files. However, these files are either missing, or blocked by the .htaccess Maker–generated .htaccess file which internally creates a further 404 error in Apache. The default Joomla! .htaccess file, and the .htaccess Maker–generated .htaccess file, tell Apache they can handle those errors by sending them to Joomla's index.php. When that happens, Joomla! tries to load the active site template's error.php file, or if that's missing the templates/system/error.php file. However, the Quix plugin seems to have been throwing its own error when Joomla! loads, which is why you ended up seeing an error in Quix.

Yes, it's very much like Give A Mouse A Cookie.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

🇬🇷Greek: native 🇬🇧English: excellent 🇫🇷French: basic • 🕐 My time zone is Europe / Athens
Please keep in mind my timezone and cultural differences when reading my replies. Thank you!

Richard Chick

Thanks very much for the additional info Nicholas.  I appreciate the quick response.  Quix is actually an excellent product but support response is slow so I finally decided to simplify my site and stick with Joomshaper's excellent SP Page Builder.  Higher learning curve but I think greater capability and superb support needed by this 86-yr old marginal developer.

Have a great holiday season!


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